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  6. Movie Info The highly accomplished Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu demonstrates his stylistic touch for deceptive simplicity, rapier wit, and nuances of melancholy in this well-wrought drama about a man in the declining years of his life. Manbei Kohayagawa Ganjiro Nakamura has a rich life on three different fronts. He is the head of a brewery that is having problems at the moment, the head of a family in which one widowed daughter needs his help in finding a new mate and the other needs him to help her make the right choice in a future spouse.

    Manbei has a strong devil-may-care streak and his solution to his burdens at the moment is to look up his old mistress and resume a relationship with her. His decision has unexpected consequences for himself and his family. Yasujiro Ozu. Jun 12, Ganjiro Nakamura as Manbei Kohayagawa. Setsuko Hara as Akiko. Michiyo Aratama as Fumiko. Chieko Naniwa as Tsune Sasaki. Keiju Kobayashi as Hisao. Yumi Shirakawa as Takako.

    Akira Takarada as Noriko's Boy Friend. Haruko Togo as Teruko. Reiko Dan as Yuriko. Hisaya Morishige as Eiichiro Isomura. Chishu Ryu as Farmer. Haruko Sugimura as Shige Kato. Masahiko Shimazu. Jun 13, Full Review…. Jul 16, Full Review…. Jun 25, Rating: A Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews 5. Sep 07, Arguably, the story includes just one major event, while most characters just eat, drink and indecisively waffle about which action to take.

    The film looks like an old Disney movie with its bright lighting, rich color and perfect grooming, and I grew tired of the same directing choices being made over and over. The distant, low-angle camera positions.


    Kohayagawa-ke no aki (The End of Summer) (Early Autumn)

    The cityscape montages inserted between the scenes. And especially the stiff way the dialogue is typically filmed: characters directly facing waist-level cameras as they trade lines. It's as if the scenes are shot by a salad bowl sitting between the actors. Add the aggravating constancy of Setsuko Hara's polite smile and you get a movie that seriously tried my patience. To see a wealthy Japanese family in transition, try "The Ceremony" instead.

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    Eric B Super Reviewer. Aug 14, Or so we think. After all, as the narrator warns us, this is not a love story. The idea that Days of Summer was a rom-com that subverted every facet of the genre was catnip to a young girl like me who was in the process of cultivating her own cultural tastes, and by extension, her identity. That identity just so happened to be identical to the thousands of teens on Tumblr circa earlys. They wanted to be quirky.

    End of Summer Stress - The Jadis Blurton Family Development Center

    When Days of Summer was released back in , it became something that is a rarity for indies these days: a hit. It inspired young women to get ill-advised Summer bangs. Rom-coms have thankfully evolved since then to be more inclusive, allowing people of colour and LGBTQ people to tell their own stories.

    Summer is as flawed as anyone else, but Tom was constantly seeing her through the idealized image he had of her. Is Days of Summer really a deconstruction of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, as some have argued, when people are still convinced that Summer was in the wrong? Sure, he quits his greeting card job to pursue his dream of becoming an architect, but then he finds a spark with a woman called Autumn.

    He just moves on to another girl with a seasonal name.