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The Geographic Proximity with Rwanda and the Parable of the Tribes. .. Table 2: Evidence of Bany2 Leaders' Primary Loyalty to Their. Ethnic Group.

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These unalienable rights, we must note, are not granted by the Declaration of Independence. Our rights do not depend upon government for their existence.

They are not owing to the largesse of the state or the beneficence of any institution. The rights of man are the gifts of God.

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The Creator endows; the state exists to protect. These unalienable rights can be suppressed or denied. But they cannot be annulled. We possess them-no matter what kings or parliaments say or presidents and congress decree-by virtue of being created in the image of our Creator. And what are these rights?


The Declaration mentions three: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Obviously, these rights are not untethered from all other considerations.

Life should not be lived in a way that means death for others. Our pursuit of happiness should not make others miserable.

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The Declaration is not calling for anarchy. It believes in government, good limited government rightly construed and properly constrained.

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But the rights enumerated here are still surprisingly radical. The Walter H. A cultural and intellectual historian, Rosenfeld had been examining connections between truth and democracy for decades but had focused more on the past than on the present.

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She decided to take what she had studied and evaluate its bearing on modern-day politics. The effort resulted in Democracy and Truth: A Short History , in which she unravels not just whether the nation is experiencing a unique post-truth moment, but how that moment came to be. Before the Enlightenment set the foundation for democratic societies across Europe and North America, Rosenfeld notes, aristocrats and monarchs viewed secrecy and dishonesty as valuable tools of statecraft.

But as republics emerged and open discussion gained traction, no single person or institution had the authority to call all the shots anymore. Truth is more like a political football—something to be fought over, like sovereignty or representation. In politics, the debate is supposed to be over opinions, but people are treating facts as partisan. The idea that everything is spin has left us with no common pre-political starting point about what the world looks like.

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Advocates for both extremes have endured, working against the pluralism required for a functional democracy. Rosenfeld hopes her book will show readers how populists and experts have been fighting over truth for generations, how the current political climate epitomizes that fight, and how truth and democracy might still enjoy a bright future together. It is something we must all continue to consciously and collectively forge.