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George Robey. Her sly skill with aphorism became a means of entertaining belief without hungering for it — and without handing it over as a cheerless denouement. Because when called up again it is always something false, made up really. Or sounds so. I always remember your beautiful flowers And the beautiful kimono you wore When you sat on the couch With that tigerish crouch And told me you loved me no more. What I cannot remember is how I felt when you were unkind All I know is, if you were unkind now I should not mind.

Ah me, the capacity to feel angry, exaggerated and sad The years have taken from me. Softly I go now, pad pad. The second stanza is a world away from all that now — or would like to be. Smith enjoyed wrong-footing her listeners, but the toing and froing of their moods in the auditorium means that they experience the poem differently from readers who are confronted by its enigmatic bluenesses on the page. Harry, do they ever collide? I do not think it has ever happened, Oh my bride, my bride.

One can imagine other tones too: arousal, assurance, wonder, a kind of spent yearning, and perhaps even an envy of guilelessness. Himself is not his only interest, and yet it very well might be. Log In Register for Online Access. Stevie Smith in Derbyshire, David.

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Spivs, Teddy Boys and Other Less Than Proper Britons

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